Fascinating Lies


b. 1986, HK.



Fascinating Lies is a magic production and consulting company founded in 2015 by jden redden and Andrew Lymn-Penning. Fascinating Lies brings a fresh, young and unique take on stage magic — blending technology and established methods in magic to create dynamic and engaging performances for the modern audience.

Previous productions include; Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies (2016), SUPERHUMAN (2017) and critically acclaimed The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards (2017, 2018) which returns for a new season in 2019.

In 2018, Fascinating Lies won the BankSA Best Magic Weekly Award for 'The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards'.

For 2019, Fascinating Lies returns with 3 productions. A return of jden redden: The Expert at the Card Table; Late Night Magic at the Sorcerer's Bar; and a non-magic production Monsieur Bunbury: A Tale of Two Men in Earnest — a new bilingual adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest’.



jden redden — Director, Producer, Writer, Performer
Andrew Lymn-Penning — Producer, Writer, Performer
Wilson Lee — Assosciate Producer
Elise Champion — Assistant Stage Manager
Zack Scharenberg — Assistant Stage Manager
Isabella Bilecki — Assistant Stage Manager