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Monsieur Bunbury: A Tale of Two Men in Earnest


Monsieur Bunbury: A Tale of Two Men in Earnest

Experience the wit of Oscar Wilde's wordplay in a menagerie of French and English — extending his whimsical farce of quips and puns across two languages simultaneously.

The comedy of Wilde's social commentary on the Victorian aristocracy and its trivialities will unfold in a bilingual spectacle, adding even more layers to each double entendre.


Jack Worthing/Earnest: Tristan Hall
Algernon Moncrieff: Jack Gransbury
Gwendolen Fairfax: Matilda Southgate
Cecily Cardew: Amelia Holds
Miss Prism: Solange Villanueva
Merriman: Samantha Edwards
Julie Ross-Spooner as Lady Bracknell


Director: Sarah Damin
Producer: jden redden
Written by jden redden based on the original stage play “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde
Production Designer: Amelia Holds