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This year The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards returns for another season at La Bohéme and debuts a new production SUBCONSCIOUS at the Noel Lothian Hall both presented at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2018 followed by a wider Fringe tour.


The Expert at the card table — how to cheat at cards (2017-2018)

Back from a sold-out season and rave reviews in 2017, jden redden returns for a 60-minute journey uncovering the dirty-work of the gambling elite. Armed with only 52 playing cards and two hands --- this crash course in card cheating is a world-class demonstration of card manipulation and deceit at the card table.


This is not your average magic show. SUBCONSCIOUS is a narrative driven performance that melds the language of traditional magic with a meaningful and personal sentiment. The production is provocative, captivating, and unsettling all at once. Nothing is sacred as jden redden and Andrew Lymn-Penning explore what it is to be human.


Previous Productions



Not all heroes wear capes — some read minds. Do you believe in superpowers? Some people claim to have superhuman abilities like; telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind-reading, superhuman strength, and remote viewing. Watch Jden Redden demonstrate these skills live on stage in a new modern setting. Open your eyes — because not everything is as it seems.

Reading minds and other fascinating lies (2016)

Coming to the Adelaide Fringe in 2016, the WORLD PREMIERE of, Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies, the magic show with no lame card tricks. Will take audiences on a mesmerising journey of mind reading, trickery and illusion, opening their minds to the world of magic, prompting them to question what things in our universe they can really control... 

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