Fascinating Lies




jden redden

Partner, Director, Producer, Writer, Performer (Australia)

jden is one of the partners of Fascinating Lies and takes the titular role as The Expert at the Card Table.

jden has contributed as Writer, Director, Producer, and Performer on SUPERHUMAN in 2017, Writer, Producer, and Performer on Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies in 2016, Assistant Stage Manager on The Naked Magicians (a Samuel Klingner Production) Australian Tour in 2015 and Magic Consultant on The IllusionistsThe Illusionists 2.0 and The Illusionists 1903 (Simon Painter and Tim Lawson Productions) from 2012-2015.


Andrew Lymn-Penning

Partner, ASSOCIATE Producer, Writer, Perfromer (Australia)

Andrew is one of the co-founders of Fascinating Lies and serves as Associate Producer on all the shows presented by Fascinating Lies as well as performing in he Andrew Lymn-Penning Magic Show in 2014, Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies in 2016, and SUBCONSCIOUS in 2018.

Andrew has contributed as Producer on SUPERHUMAN in 2017 and Writer, Producer, and Performer on Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies in 2016.

Wilson Lee.jpeg

Wilson Lee

Assosciate Producer (Australia) 

Wilson's background is not the performing arts and yet is one of the most important contributions to the show. Wilson comes into the show late in the development stages and questions everything, and stops the show from becoming too self indulgent. Wilson is the stand-in audience until the show premieres, and his insights and commentary have changed the shows he's worked on for Fascinating Lies in myriad ways.

Wilson has contributed as Associate Producer for SUPERHUMAN in 2017 and Assistant Stage Manager for Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies in 2016.


Allan Hagen

Magic Consultant (Norway)

Allan Hagen is a world renowned slight-of-hand expert and magic theorist. Allan serves as the Magic Consultant on The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards bringing his years of experience and depth of knowledge to provide clarity and meaning to each and every piece in the show.

The only international member of the creative team, Allan's contributions are highly valued insights into magical performance and several of Allan's original creations are presented in the show.


Elise Champion

Assistant stage manager (Australia)

Zack Scharenberg

Assistant Stage Manager (Australia)

Isabella Bilecki

Assistant Stage Manager (Australia)